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Matis is a prestigious, internationally renowned beauty salon brand. MATIS has been putting all of its expertise to the service of beauty for 75 years. MATIS excels in professional beauty treatments. The unique products, protocols, method and treatment techniques have made the brand the benchmark in the beauty salon world. MATIS, Professional Skin Care, promotes its values on the basis of continuing dialogue with men and women in order to meet their needs in terms of advice, performance and pleasure.

Because each person is unique, MATIS provides a personalised response - A response that begins in the treatment room with the therapist and continues with products to use at home. In line with its ongoing quest for innovation, MATIS boasts its own laboratory and offers 12 retail product lines associated with professional treatments. All of these responses are adapted to embellish the face and body, control the effects of the sun or care for men’s skin. Because art and technique are just as important as the material, the same exclusive procedures are applied worldwide.