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Caterpillar is a brand with traditions going back more than 100 years and with strong values. It was built on strong foundations of work ethics and facing up to life’s challenges. The history of the firm begins in the year 1904 with the construction by Holt&Bolt, Caterpillar’s predecessors, of the first track-type tractor. Currently, CAT is the largest global manufacturer of construction machines. They are associated with modern design and durability. The same standards apply to the footwear and accessories, added to the firm’s offer in 1990. They are characterised by authenticity, durability and distinct designs. The collection, accepted years ago in the American market, continues to expand. However, products inspired by the latest trends have lost none of their functionality and industrial character. They still appeal to women and men all over the world. Fans of the CAT brand are individuals who value safety and functionality, who have their own style and are open to new trends.

CAT boots are a result of the continuous work of experts and an innovative approach to footwear production and the use of new materials and technologies. Models in the Progress line are the result of a completely new look at this issue. The “less is more” principle was applied in their creation. Using less materials a durable and comfortable shoe has been designed.


This is a veritable revolution in the manufacture of footwear. Comfort and excellent amortisation typical for sports footwear have been combined with durability and a design characteristic for the classic Caterpillar brand products. The application of the Goodyear structure ensures sturdiness and resilience, and the EVA inserts absorb shocks and care for the comfort of the feet. Thanks to such solutions boots from the iTechnology collection are flexible, stylish and comfortable.