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The main goal of the Merrell brand is to promote active lifestyle. Spending time outdoors means freedom, space and discovering oneself. However, in order to take up the challenge and check your abilities you must feel comfortable and secure. This is guaranteed to every customer by the shoes, clothing and accessories offered by Merrell. Creating them the firm is not only guided by sporting applications, stylish looks or the use of technologies ensuring comfort and safety during planned expeditions. Merrell products combine all these three elements. Their creators try to look at the world through the eyes of people who are filled with energy and respond to their needs connected with discovering the world. The most innovations and inspirations appear while observing the world from different points of view, through the eyes of women and men all over the globe. They choose the path which they want to follow, and Merrell’s shoes and clothes make their every step sure and comfortable.

Merrell shoes are available in two lines: Outventure and Fusion. Each of them has its women’s and men’s collection. Merrell has also thought of the needs of the youngest customers. The Merrell Kids series are shoes adjusted to the needs of children, comfortable, safe and colourful.